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Certified Webprenuer Course (March Class)


This Simple Business Does Not Only Give You Money But Also Makes You Your Own Boss!


Be A Certified WebPrenuer and earn up to N350,000 per month

Forgive Us, we can’t accept more than 10 persons in each session, So the advise is for you to read fast and ACT immediately because there are thousands of people reading this page as you are reading…

Dear Friend,


You’re about to discover a simple, proven and workable ideas that will directly translate into money, success, power, distinct business advantages and happiness with relative ease. And very little (if any) risk even if you are a dummy

I’m writing you this note for a personal reason. I’ve rarely written notes like this in the past, but I feel that it is essential to bring this to your attention. It will mean a lot for you if you close your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes or so.

We will personally hold you by the hand to show the latest Step-By-Step method For Designing Professional Website within Few minutes, without knowing html or any other code

Before I continue, I want you to watch these of our past certify attendees


He travelled from Kaduna to attend our website Design and Development Class




This is another man who travelled from Warri to attend one of our classes in Lagos




This is another testimony




Another Testimony we received through email

Am really happy and my prayer is
that may you live for a better testimony in life as you keep on touching souls the more.

Thanks a lot and hope to do more businesses with you
in the nearest future.

Olu Samson



If I want to continue showing you testimonies we have received so far, am very sure that you will not finish reading and watching them in the next 24 hours…

What we are giving you?

My team and I will be teaching you the latest method in building a professional website using the latest technology like Joomla, WordPress, SMF and Dreamweaver/Photoshop


Are you going to learn all these in one day?

No, each technology has its own full day.


What are the course contents ?

Course 1: Building Website Using Joomla Technology

These are what you’ll learn:

  • How to design, host and maintain database driven websites.
  • How to create advance forms that allows visitors to upload files
  • How to customize forms with auto responders so that your site visitors will instantly receive an email/sms once they submit the form.
  • How to manage user access, signup and login
  • How to create a forum just like using Joomla
  • How to create and manage online registration/reservation
  • How to create stunning slides and add effects to your site in one minute
  • How to integrate master card, visa card, pay pal, inters witch andother payments processors in few minutes( you don’t need a pay pal account to receive money through pay pal… will be introduced to a payment processing system that receives payments on your behalf through an automatic transfer of money to any bank of yours here in Nigeria)
  • How to add e-commerce functionality on Joomla
  • How to add search engine to a site
  • How to design advanced multiple pages database driven websites
  • How to create social networking and community site like Face book from scratch using Joomla
  • How to create a banner management system on any site, so that you and your site advertiser can analyze impressions and clicks of all adverts placed on your website.
  • How to make your site to be visible in all search engines. etc.


Wait a minute, that is not all…..

You will also be given a Powerful step by step tutorial for FREE.

You will be given a complete eBook with picture that show you everything you need to know about joomla (complete pack)

You will also receive great premium theme worth good amount of $$$

Also we will also give you a premium plug-in and modules for FREE


Course 2: Building Website Using latest word press Technology

You will be exposed to;

  • WordPress Introduction
  • Hello WordPress World and Why You Need WordPress!
  • What and Where is Free WordPress and How Do I Get It?
  • Introduction To WordPress Blogs for New Bloggers and Web Design Beginners
  • WordPress Installations
  • What To Do Before Installing Self-Hosted WordPress
  • How To Buy A Cheap Domain Name From
  • How To Order Linux Self-Hosted WordPress Hosting from Hostgator
  • How To Change Name Servers (DNS) for TheExpertHost Domain Names
  • How to Install WordPress in 5 Minutes with cPanel and Fantastico
  • How To Do A Quick Self Hosted Manual WordPress Installation

WordPress Settings

  • A Summary Of The Settings You Can Configure In WordPress
  • WordPress Admin Dashboard Alternatives – Ozh Drop Down Menu or Fluency Side Bar
  • WordPress Themes
  • How To Install A WordPress Theme on Your Website or Blog
  • How To Install A WordPress Theme Automatically From Your Computer
  • How to Customize WordPress To Style Your Website or Blog
  • Recommended Premium WordPress Themes
  • Amazing New WordPress Themes For Your Flagship Blog
  • 2 Great Free Premium WordPress Themes You Should Consider
  • Flexibility 3 Free WordPress Theme Review – New Version So Flexible


  • WordPress Widgets
  • Plug-in For Best Blog What Are WordPress Sidebar Widgets And How Are They Used?
  • How To Use WordPress Widgets To Update A Sidebar With Images And Text
  • How To Add Links In WordPress And Setup Your Blog roll
  • WordPress Plug-in
  • How To Install WordPress Plug-in and Activate Them
  • Top 10 Essential Plug-in for WordPress Websites and Blogs
  • Install WordPress Stats Plug-in for Site Analytics and Visitor Analysis
  • How to Find Your WordPress API Key at
  • How To View and Analyze Your WordPress Stats Plug-in Analytics Data

WordPress Posting and Content Management

  • What’s the Difference between WordPress Pages and Posts?
  • How To Write a Post to Create Content in WordPress
  • WordPress Post Character Font Size And Style With Headings Or Html
  • What Are WordPress Categories And How To Add A Category
  • How To Use WordPress Tags In Your Blog Posts
  • How To Insert Photos Or Images Into WordPress Posts And Pages
  • How to Create Pages as Content for your WordPress Website
  • Impact Page Builder WP Plug-in – Create and Design WordPress Pages!
  • How To Easily Add A Video In WordPress To Pages Or Posts
  • How To Use The WordPress Image Editor To Change Images
  • WordPress Tips and Tricks
  • How to Create a Link (Text or Image) using HTML Code in WordPress
  • How To Make A WordPress Page Your Home Page And Keep The Blog Posts
  • Code For Automatic Copyright Year Change In WordPress Theme Footer
  • WordPress Post Character Font Size And Style With Headings Or Html


  • WordPress Backups
  • How to Do a Full Backup of Your WordPress Site with CPanel
  • Online Backup for WordPress Data Protection
  • WordPress Upgrades
  • How To Upgrade WordPress Automatically To The Latest Version
  • WordPress SEO Guide
  • Best WordPress SEO Course And WordPress SEO Tips To Learn
  • Major Upgrade – Wordpress 2.7
  • Why WordPress 2.7 is So Important and a Quick Review
  • What You Need To Do Before Upgrading To WordPress 2.7
  • WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Fast One Click Installation at TheExpertHost
  • Errors Upgrading to WordPress 2.7 with Automatic Upgrade Plug-in
  • How To Manually Upgrade to WordPress 2.7


  • How To Use the New Dashboard in WordPress 2.7 Admin
  • How to Add a New Theme to a WordPress 2.7 Website or Blog
  • How to Install a Plug-in on a WordPress 2.7 Web Site or Blog

Major Upgrade – Wordpress 2.8

  • WordPress 2.8 New Version Upgrade Release Features Summary
  • WordPress 2.8.5 and Exploit Scanner Plug-in for Blog Security Checks

Major Upgrade – Wordpress 2.9

  • WordPress 2.9 Released Image Editor Trash Can Easy Video Embeds Batch Plug-in


Major Upgrade – Wordpress 3.0

  • WordPress 3.0 New Version Features And Changes Summary

Latest Version – Wordpress 3.2 !

  • WordPress 3.2 – A Cleaner Leaner More Beautiful Version
  • Installing and Activating WordPress Themes
  • Create A Custom WordPress Menu
  • Using WordPress Plug-in
  • Working with WordPress Widgets

Installation and Upgrades

  • Best Practices for Upgrading WordPress
  • Installing WordPress in Five Minutes
  • Upgrading WordPress
  • Importing and Exporting Data

WordPress Administration

  • Best Practices for Upgrading WordPress
  • Managing WordPress Users
  • WordPress User Roles Explained
  • Managing Files
  • The WordPress Dashboard


Course 3: Building Website Using latest Dreamweaver and Photoshop

  • What Dreamweaver does & how it works.
  • About Internet technologies – dynamic sites, content management systems, languages,Standards and conventions.
  • Viewing and editing HTML code – how HTML Works, about XHTML.
  • Previewing your work.
  • Working with Related files
  • Understanding relative and absolute paths.
  • Named anchors, external and email links.
  • Creating site-wide navigation.
  • Linking to non-HTML content such as PDF.
  • About linked content in HTML emails.
  • Optimising pages for search engines.
  • The basics of making content accessible; Alt Text, titles.
  • File formats – GIF, JPEG and PNG.
  • Optimisation – maximising quality vs. file size.
  • Editing images in Dreamweaver.
  • Importing a Flash movie.
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of tables.
  • Using tables for data display.
  • Importing external data as tables.
  • Working with text – placing text from other Applications including Microsoft Office.
  • Paragraphs, line breaks, lists and other basic HTML elements.
  • Basic formatting.
  • Using special characters.
  • The goal is to build a complete professional Mini website from start to finish using Dreamweaver and Photoshop
  • Functions of basic tools in Photoshop
  • Slicing it and saving for Web and Devices
  • Designing the Template from Photoshop
  • Importing it to Dreamweaver
  • Editing and Coding
  • Uploading it online for live running


Course 4: How to build community website Using Simple Machine Forum(SMF)

  • How to install and create your own forum website within 10 minutes.
  • How to configure it appropriately for maximum efficiency.
  • How to install Advert Management Scripts
  • How to setup Google Ad sense on your forum.
  • How to create your own local advertisement system that will ensure that your forum members and other users keep paying money into your account daily.
  • How to take advantage of your banner design/eBook to make extra money for yourself on the forum.
  • How to create traffic to your forum using popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter.
  • How to create a marketplace on your forum.
  • How to strategically sell products and services on your forum.
  • How to get other people to assist you in managing and developing the forum while you concentrate on your money making plan.
  • How to start making money by providing the service to other people or by teaching the skill.
  • How to manually install SMF on your website if you do not use Fantastico, how to set your MySQL database;
  • How to install and configure SMF Packages;
  • Where to find and how to change SMF Themes;


What else do you want?

  • You will also have access to our mentorship for Good Six month for FREE
  • You also have 20% Discount in any webhosting plan you choose for the next six months.
  • You will get already website design proposal that you just need to change the name to your name and starting using immediately
  • You will get a certificate from Us which you can present any where
  • You will be given premium template/theme worth over N100,000 for FREE
  • You will get a life time support.

….I believe that is ok…?

You really can’t afford not to invest in this course! Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredible opportunity?


So How Can You Be Part Of This Great Opportunity?

We have three Sections which we will start from month of March; below are the three sections you can choose from


Weekdays Class

  • Friday ‘s Class ( 9th,16th ,22nd ,30th)
  • Time: 12pm

Weekend Class

  • Saturday ‘s Class (10th,17th,23rd,31st)
  • Time: 12pm
  • Sunday‘s Class (11th,18th,24th,1st April)
  • Time: 2pm

You have to choose one of the classes (Fridays,Saturdays or Sundays) to attend .

NOTE: ONLY Ten (10) persons will be granted The VIP Ticket each Session.


Our programmes are always crowded with people who come over the states to attend so I will Urge you to move real fast and reserve your seat fast because there are thousands of people reading what you are reading now, it is based on first come first serve.





What is the Investment involved ?

If you check what you will be exposed to, you will agree that it worths Over N100,000.

In case you don’t understand, We want to expose to you how you can build websites like, ,,,, etc…


Kindly check all those websites later, you will discover how to build those kinds of website. The website designer/developer will not collect less than N150,000


This is to let you know that you’re into real business and just imagine if you can get just 10 websites in a month, that is N150,000 * 10

So that means if we charge N100,000 for this course it does worth it.


But will not charge you that because we want you to have money to do some other things.


From N100,000 >> N50,000 > 35,000

Early Bird FEE : ( ends 6th March): N25,000

Late Fee : N35,000

I want to reserve my seat

STEP ONE: Copy these account number below

Bank: GTB

Account Name: DBI IMPACT

Account No.: 0015714889


Bank: Access Bank

Account Name: DBI IMPACT

Account No.:0101740196


STEP TWO: Fill the form below and the session you want to attend


Enter phone number & name of friends you would like to invite.
E.g. (08028667565) Den





*How Did You Learn About Us? 



STEP THREE: Rush to the bank to make the payment


STEP FOUR: After the payment send your payment details to 08028667565 in this format: (Depositor’s name, Date of payment, date(s) you will like to attend, Amount Paid)



Block A26 Aguda Market Complex,Surulere,Lagos

Time: 2pm in any of the session

  • NOTE: No Payment will be accepted at the venue, you are to pay into the bank before date
  • You can come with your laptop if you have
  • FREE internet connection will be provided at the venue


This Webprenuer Mentorship Course comes with a no-question, no-quibbles, Full money back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that this website Design and Development Class isn’t perfect for you, Just don’t worry we will give you your money back and give you the video materials for FREE as a way of saying thank you for giving us a try.


The next move is up to you. We’ve shown you that this Webprenuer Mentorship Course is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in improving your life and personal income. All that is left to do now is take action.




Dennis Isong

For more questions : 08028667565 or email admin(at)


P.S. This is the one and only time you can be qualified to attend this program at this price with such affordable payment terms. The next time you will see this offer, it will be double your today investment. The choice is yours – so don’t delay.

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